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Rev. Dan Strodl, London, United Kingdom

Rev. Dan Strodl is an Ordained Ministerial Counselor and is guided to work with people in tuning-in to their Inner Guide, Who knows exactly what's right for them. He also helps people facing chronic illness or death, either for themselves or those they love.

Dan has been in 12 step recovery since 1991, Buddhism since 1998, and A Course In Miracles since 2008. In 2018 he was ordained as a minister and a Certified Accessing Inner Wisdom Spiritual Counsellor at Pathways of Light. With these mind training spiritual programs he has experienced a profound thought reversal from fear and lack to love, peace, joy and abundance.

His life is dedicated to serving his brothers.

Click here to view Dan's video about his experience of the minister training being the "best time of his life."

To contact Dan by phone (from the UK), call 0207 5800117, or cell phone 07974696264. To email Dan, click here. (Disregard the email link below.)

Rev. Dan Strodl offers the following services as a Pathways of Light Minister:

Rev. Dan Strodl offers the following Miracles Practitioner courses:
901 906 902 904

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Rev. Ken Gorman, London, United Kingdom

Rev. Ken Gorman, O.M.C., is an Ordained Ministerial Counselor and student of A Course in Miracles since 1991. He emphasizes joining with others to awaken to our true nature as unlimited Spirit through A Course in Miracles study and practice, meditation and understanding our spiritual work as everyday life including family, relationships and our profession. He is dedicated to following his highest path and working with others in whatever way would be helpful including counseling, individual study, group study, seminars, outreach or just being there when someone needs someone to talk to. Ken is specifically focused on the teachings, materials and practices as vehicles for the surrender to God and His plan as the only real goal.

Ken offers correspondence courses, Accessing Inner Wisdom counseling and one to one dialog in person, by phone or via the Internet.

Rev. Ken Gorman offers the following services as a Pathways of Light Minister:

Rev. Ken Gorman offers the following Miracles Practitioner courses:
901 904 908 910 912 920 918 902

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Rev. Kerry-Louise Halliday, OMC, PhD, Bexhill, E Sussex, United Kingdom

Rev. Kerry-Louise Halliday, OMC, PhD is an Ordained Ministerial Counselor and a student of A Course In Miracles.

Kerry is an intrepid adventurer of what we call life, a free-thinking renegade, whose cause is Truth and radical forgiveness. She loves exploring the mysteries of metaphysical teachings and has come to understand that ACIM is a vortex leading to the deepest knowing of the great ‘I Am’, opening up its students to their own long-forgotten inheritance of Eternal Life and Love.

A clinical hypnotherapist with a PhD in psychology and a Reiki master, she became aware of how science and spirituality meet when witnessing the unexplainable and profound healing experienced when clients tapped into something that can be described as their Inner Wisdom.

Kerry has a deep knowledge of 12-step recovery and has experienced profound healing whilst working through A Course In Miracles and Pathways of Light. She has experienced life’s insanity first-hand and knows that this is all part of the healing journey to remembering that we are at Home with God and that we should never to forget to laugh.

To contact Kerry, call 07814746278. Or send an email by clicking the link below.

Rev. Kerry-Louise Halliday, OMC, PhD offers the following services as a Pathways of Light Minister:

Rev. Kerry-Louise Halliday, OMC, PhD offers the following Miracles Practitioner courses:

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Rev. Lynne Whitehill, Greater London, United Kingdom

Rev. Lynne Whitehill, O.M.C., is an Ordained Ministerial Counsellor and a student of A Course in Miracles since 1997. She loves to join and share with others on the path. In keeping with this, Lynne extends the opportunity of awakening spiritually through Pathways of Light courses and 8-week Spiritual Awakening and Healing Inner Child programs, in person, by phone or in group teleconference. She is also available to help people access their Inner Guidance to receive answers for themselves through the Accessing Inner Wisdom Counselling.

As a minister, Counsellor and facilitator of Pathways of Light courses and groups, Lynne emphasizes helping you recognize your true purpose and helps you follow your Inner Wisdom’s guidance every step of the way. She also helps you experience more love in your relationships and everyday lives. Whatever the setting, Lynne’s emphasis is always on helping you quiet your mind to access your own Inner Wisdom regarding what is truly helpful for you in every situation.

To contact Lynne, call 07847139961. Or send her an email using the link below.

Rev. Lynne Whitehill offers the following services as a Pathways of Light Minister:

Rev. Lynne Whitehill offers the following Miracles Practitioner courses:

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