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Rev. Judy Rae Angus, Orland Park, Illinois, USA

Judy Rae has been an Ordained Ministerial Counselor through Pathways of Light, and an enthusiastic student of A Course in Miracles, for over 20 years. She offers ministerial services in the Chicago area. In addition to facilitating Pathways of Light courses and groups and officiating interfaith ceremonies, she also offers "Balm For the Heart," a 4-week program that gives support for coping with the emotional and spiritual challenge of grief. In this program, you are guided in meditation to relax and allow comfort and guidance from the Holy Spirit, and to connect with the spiritual nature of your loved one, key to your new relationship with them.

Judy Rae has a B.A. in Speech Communication. Now retired from American Airlines, her work there, and earlier, at Great Lakes Airlines, included facilitating training classes and customer service skills workshops. Married to her husband Dan for 35 years, she is a mother and a grandmother.

A connection to God, to Spirit, that gives resilience, serenity, and vitality, is a powerfully energizing practice that is too often overlooked in our busy materialistic society. Judy Rae enjoys bringing the spiritual component of life to the forefront and helping people create a place for it in their everyday lives. And this she does with enthusiasm, believing that peace brings forth great strength, vibrancy, and aliveness! For more detailed information, visit her website at

"Live your spiritual connection, and allow it to infuse your life with peace, inspiration, and vitality." — Judy Rae

To contact Judy Rae, click the email link below or call 708-602-9508.

Rev. Judy Rae Angus offers the following services as a Pathways of Light Minister:

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